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Hands down the best VidCon recap video i’ve seen, feeling so many emotions right that i can’t even. I am so ready VidCon2014 and Disney Day get here.

Shoutout to Katie for putting together such an awesome video!

Dave Green should be a VidCon special guest this year. 

Flanneltaylor’s P4A 2013-Children’s Hair Loss

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Check it out! Here’s another great Project For Awesome video you should vote for. 

It’s Project for Awesome! This year my video is about the International Princess Project, an organization that helps women who have escaped human trafficking rebuild their lives. 

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Here’s another important video to go vote for! Help the women of India rebuild their lives. 

This is my follow up video to last year’s P4A video!

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This is what happens when you donate money to charities like Techo. Excellent video and thank you for the follow up video. DFTBA!


Greetings! This year for Project for Awesome my charity is AC PAW, an animal rescue organization. DFTBA!

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Hello! This year for #P4A, I talk about the Global Soap Project! I hope you vote for it, or at least learn something new! Happy commenting! <3

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I made a P4A video for  Please check it out! is an excellent organization, join Kiva and lead your support! 


The Vlogbrothers crowd surfing at Vidcon

Vidcon recap video

ThrowBackThursday: John and Hank Green crowd surfing at VidCon2011.


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pausing for a moment to talk about something important.

Hey folks! So I just wanted to make a post today talking about something serious that I saw on my Facebook feed a week ago. Im pretty sure that some of us here are college students. Exal was a college student who graduated and after 4 years of struggling hard to pay off his student loans one of them defaulted. Defaulting on your student loan is something you do not want to happen. Exal’s total amount due was over 17,000 dollars and it’s not just Exal who is in trouble, his family living in El Salvador also is. His father having co-signed on a private loan is now in danger of losing the family home. 

Exal has set up a donation account on if you are able to help. He has also set up small rewards for people who donate 5, 20, or 50 dollars. Speaking as someone who has graduated and is also paying off his private student loan I understand how difficult and scary it can be. And so after talking it over with Amber and Nicole we are going to be promoting this call for help all week. We’re sure that there are people who follow this blog who can help out and make a donation. If you can’t make a donation reblogging the story, sharing it through facebook or twitter will definately help out as well.

You can read more about Exal’s story by click this link

Exal is also a content creator you can check out his channel and videos here.

Thank you for reading this post.