Ordinary Tour…..GO SEE THEM!!!!

Hey guys, so we’ve mentioned it before but the Ordinary Tour has been touring along the West Coast and I actually had a chance to see them in San Francisco! They were SUPER SUPER awesome! The group is so talented both musically and comedically. GREAT show! So, if you live in Anaheim and/or you are going to VidCon make sure to check out their show!! It doesn’t matter if you love YouTube or not, this show is great for every kind of audience! This group of young adults are so well-rounded and are worth the watch. The show is only $15 and you can buy tickets here. This website has the event details as well. So please give them your love, this is a group you are NOT going to want to miss!!



This is a song about wanting to go to VidCon but not being able to. It’s based on “Adelaide” by Ben Folds.

Im sure some of you guys can relate. Hope you can make it paigelfinch!