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The one thing about the LGBT+ panel that made me really upset was how hard it was to get into it. There were a lot of big names on the panel like Hannah Hart, Troye Sivan, Tyler Oakley, and Kingsley and that made it extremely hard to get into considering Vidcon attendees had increased so dramatically. It just felt sort of troubling because i know that a good amount of people who went were just there for the names and this panel means so much to me and other lgbtqia people. Like I just barely got in, being like in the last 7 people getting into the room after they thought it was at capacity but found like random seats in the room was terrifying. I was heartbroken when I initially thought I didn’t make it in. I just wish that people would recognize that this panel is just so important for us and it isn’t just to see some famous youtubers, but to see youtubers who are lgbtqia members who have gone through so much but have still become successful. And I think it’s especially important to lgbtqia youth because going through figuring out your sexuality and stuff when you’re young is really hard, and a lot of the time, these youth become informed and learn to accept themselves and how to deal with issues concerning sexuality by watching these youtubers.

Over the last few years at VidCon I’ve been thinking about who exactly is benefitting from attending these panel discussions. Attendees who are there just to see their favorite content creator or attendees who want to learn and engage in a panel discussion. 

What do you think?



bringing back this cute grace and troye moment at vidcon within all of the grester craziness

The very best high school freshmen advice you could ask for. One time the librarian at my school handed me a big old book and told me it was my destiny to kill vampires. Worst library experience EVER.

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new video up from our YouTuber of the Month, Aaron! This one is actually not a vlog, but it’s more on the creative-not-making-sense side! We like it and suggest you check out his newest video and his channel! 

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IT’S HERE (even though I’ve already seen it like three times)

for all those people that weren’t able to make it to VidCon or this Dan and Phil event, here’s a special treat! 


Hotels remind me of #VidCon



Hotels remind me of #VidCon



Jeez, Dan is like… a model or something


i dont have the heart to delete the vidcon 2014 app off of my phone

I didn’t delete the 2013 app until I got to VidCon2014.

The VidCon survey is out


Y’all know what to do
Stamp Secret Show all over that thing

DO IT. (But honest with your answers) BUT DO IT.

Here’s Mitra’s favorite video from our YouTuber of the Month! Aaron’s friend Sydni called and asked if he was feeling “creative and spontaneous…” And the result? This awesome montage. The song, the good energy… It’s pretty fun to watch.


Thank you to everyone who participated in our yearly unofficial VidCon survey! We sat down a while back and talked about some of the issues that surrounded VidCon this year. We also featured and discussed some of the responses left by our followers.

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